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Eco Fuel Saver
Eco Fuel Saver
Eco Fuel Saver
Eco Fuel Saver
Eco Fuel Saver
Eco Fuel Saver
Eco Fuel Saver


Eco Fuel Saver

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These days the increase of motor vehicle users increases so as the price of the fuel! It is sometimes doubtful to use your car when you think about how much gas are you going to spend.

Well worry no more! You can enjoy driving without hassle with the help of ECO FUEL SAVER!

ECO FUEL SAVER is a DEVICE that works on GAS (Petrol-Unleaded) and DIEASEL ENGINES to help SAVE as much as 20% MORE FUEL. It works by ACCESSING the OBD PROTOCOLS and REMAPPING the car’s ECU for BETTER fuel consumption. It ADJUSTS itself to the car depending on the driver’s habit and AUTONATICALLY remaps the ECU to save fuel and lower emission.

ECO FUEL SAVER is EQUIPPED with an ENGINE PROTECTION function which makes it 100% safe for CAR ENGINE and NOT lowering the PERFORMANCE of the car. It is EASY to INSTALL just plug the device on your OBD port then EASILY REMOVE it by just unplugging it and the car will AUTOMATICALLY go back to the factory settings. It is suitable for cars that has GASOLIONE PETROL-UNLEADED after 1996 and DIESEL after 1998.

  • 20% Fuel Savings - Saves $40 - $80 a month on fuel bills
  • 100% Safe For Car Engine - equipped with an engine protection function which makes it 100% safe for your car engine as well as not lowering the performance of your car

    • Easy To Install - Just plug into your OBD₂ port (Gasoline Petrol-Unleaded cars after 1996 and Diesel cars after 1998)
    • Easy To Remove - After unplugging it goes back to the factory settings
    • The Longer You Drive, The Better The Performance - 
      We suggest driving for at least 1 month prior to making any decisions although most see a significant difference after 200km / 150miles

Eco Fuel Saver x 1 pc

Allow 7-20 Business days for delivery. 

We want all our customers to have the absolute best product, so don't worry, this product is totally worth the wait!