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Shoulder Posture Corrector

Shoulder Posture Corrector

Slouching, Misaligned Spine, Thoracic Kyphosis, Pain in the back area over the shoulders and to the neck are a common problem in our society. Our Shoulder Posture Corrector was specifically designed to help you overcome your daily struggles. 

A Shoulder Posture Corrector is meant to soothe your pain in the neck and shoulder area as well as your back. Due to the hours that we spend in front of a screen our shoulder muscles are not in motion and therefore they are not being used. The results are stiff shoulders and immense pain.

shoulder posture corrector

Our Shoulder Posture Corrector is designed for everyone who has a problem like:

Clavicle Fracture Pain associated with Slouching

Shoulder Instability Osteoporosis Pain

Thoracic Kyphosis

Collarbone Pain

Misaligned Spine

Loose Ligaments

and many more issues.


Even at home we are relaxing and watching TV or playing with our cell phone and not making any use of our shoulder muscles.

To fix that problem we have designed a unique Shoulder Posture Corrector that you can wear at any place and at any time under any condition.