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Hunchback Brace

How does an Hunchback Brace work?

Our Hunchback Brace is a Upper Back Posture Support that helps your deformed body by activating the longtime not used back muscle groups through neurotransmitter in your back spine. 

An Upper Back Posture Support and our Hunchback Brace helps you support your back by forming the back back to its natural form. Slowly, step by step the Upper Back Posture Support places your back into a natural position. 

Back Pain can be one of the most common and at the same time worst problems that people in the west have to deal with. In the recent years there was a significant increase of people with back issues and it will only increase more rapidly in the future. Our jobs in the office are not made for the human back. Sitting the whole day and not moving and then continuing to sit in front of the TV at home is the complete opposite of what the human back need. For the office and for home we suggest using the Posture Corrector For Office Chair since it is the perfect tool to wear while you are sitting and you can put it on any time you want on top of that due to its perfect design you will not even feel it on your spine. A healthy posture corrector that fits perfectly on top of it great looks.

Hunchback Brace

But the Upper Back Posture Support should only been seen as a support like the name already suggests. That's what our Hunchback Brace is. It is only a support item to help you fix your slouching posture and therefore a device to keep posture straight

Therefore make sure to still exercise your back to strengthen the back's muscles additionally to the Upper Back Posture Support. Additionally you will have to exercise your whole body since the biggest part of the human body is the back after all and it supports the whole body, you cannot neglect the other parts of the human body. Since you will need to have a balance for your body so your back can keep up with the pressure that is being applied on it. What most people do not seem to realize is that their counter parts which means the abs are as important as the exercise of the back itself. A lot of people who suffer from back pain are people who have to carry more weight which also means a lack of a six-pack. Therefore make sure to stay fit and to exercise your whole body.

A story of one of our customers. 

"I was always a skinny guy and had a really curvy spine. It was a really curvy spine, I mean on picture I looked like an alien. I struggled a lot with sitting while maintaining a straight posture and the same thing happened when I was walking. I do not know why but for some reason my body, especially my back and my shoulders where always bending forward. I really did not like the way my upper body was shaped and I would often here from people that my back looked weird. When I was changing in the dressing room at school for physical educations the other guys always kept their eyes on me and were asking why my back was curved like a roller coaster. 

When I was sitting in school or at lunch the same thing happened. Girls started laughing at me because the said I looked so weird. My shoulders where always hanging down and therefore my whole body language was bad and additionally to my bad appearance I self-esteem has gotten worse over time. I felt so uncomfortable in my skin and I didn't want to leave my room. A time when I really felt down was when this girl rejected me because of my slouching. Even though it was long ago and I was a teenager it still had an effect on me after my life at school. I was socially really not good and I was not able to make contacts or friends. In fact I wasn't even able to talk to people. Dating or even worse talking to girls became a nightmare. As soon as I started talking to a girl I thought in my head that she will notice my bad posture and she will reject me. And the thought of that alone probably made me look so unapproachable that the girls wouldn't want to talk to me any more. 

Those facts made my social life really awkward even now as an adult. My dating life as a grown up has not been really better than my dating life while I was in school. And even though I tried so many things I was not able to change my posture and my attitude towards life. However at some point my friend recommended me the posture corrector from At first I was like this is not going to help me, but then I was like let's give it a try there is nothing I haven't tried and I there is nothing more I could lose anyway. So I reached out to then and told them my problems and they realized that my problems weren't just physical but psychological as well. So they came up with a perfect training program for my back to get rid of my bad posture. I started to exercise and do specific exercises included weight lifting to increase the muscle strength of the muscles that are necessary for a better posture and to finally fix my slouching posture. I was working out every day for 2 months and I kept seeing results and I could not believe it. As a matter of fact I started to like working out and I do it ever since. When I was resting or when I knew I would sit for a longer period of time, which basically happens every day since I work in an office, I would wear the hunchback brace of

Hunchback Brace

For the first time in my life I was able to see results and how my posture started to change and how my slouching got better over time. The hunchback brace helped me improve my body language and my looks. Not just that but it helped me regain more self-confidence. I changed my life completely. I am now working out almost every day, I eat healthier and I try various diets at times to live healthier and balance my food and what I eat. I was able to gain muscles and to transform my body from skinny to athletic. And the best thing is I was able to regain my self-esteem around people and am able to go outside and talk to people with more confidence. My appearance appears to be more masculine after my transformation and I am even comfortable going on dates. All I can say is that my life changed completely and I love it."